Information about the school

The title of our school is Business Academy and Higher Professional School. It is located in the town of Pribram in the centre of the Czech Republic, about sixty-five km from the capital city Prague.Pribram is an old mining town dating back from the 13th century. Originally, silver was mined.

In the 20th century there were large deposits of uranium. In the nineties of the last century, however, the exploitation ceased completely. At present Pribram is a modern town with about 40 thousand inhabitants with only foodstuff, building and engineering industries.

There is a theatre with permanent company, picture gallery, museum of mining, cinema and several secondary schools and a branch of higher schools.

Above the town there is a pilgrimage place called Svata Hora (Holy Mountain), a clear showing of the baroque style from the 17th century. The surroundings of our town are picturesque and the countryside is well-protected.

Our school, Business Academy belongs among traditional economic schools. The economic disciplines have been taught here since 1920. There are two branches of study: Business Academy and Economic Secondary School (Lyceum).

The studies are intended for the school leavers from basic schools (15 years old) and are finished with the graduation exam after four years.

Students are educated in both general and professional subjects, such as – economics, accounting, PC and its application, business correspondence in a foreign language, doing business in a fictitious firm, programming data bases, statistics in economic subjects etc.

After necessary period of training, the graduate from Business Academy is able to execute activities of economic character both in all types of organizations and in state administration.

The economic education enables him/her to do the business both inland and abroad.

Further possibility for the graduate of our school is to go on studying at high school of economics or higher professional schools.

The Economic Secondary School (Lyceum) is a combination of economic as well as grammar school education. The main task of this branch of study is to prepare thoroughly for the higher school studies of economics, law and other branches of higher school studies. At secondary school the students are taught two foreign languages, computer lab, nature science, psychology, history and geography and professional subjects such as economics, accounting, law, computer lab. The curriculum at this branch of study involves also a wide range of elective subjects (finance, marketing, management, correspondence and conversation in a foreign language).

The Higher Professional School – branch Financial and Economical Consultancy – is opened for students after graduation, who do not intend to enter university. Students are aged 19 and older. It is as three-year studies based especially on professional subjects like two foreign languages, economy, accounting, statistics and mathematics methods, financial advice, marketing, management, business correspondence, law, psychology. Students are subject to 6 weeks of practice in the second as well as in the third year of studies.

The graduates from this school receive a diploma and are able to be employed in various branches of national economy – banks, insurance companies, private enterprises, accounting firms etc.